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Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

150.00 + tax Covers Dinner & Award: Limited Space May 24th-25th 2013

Please Contact 609-665-3889 for rules regarding seminar & other information

150.00 USD

 Sign in Here to be part of the Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Chinese Kung Fu & Karate EXPO * Seminar & Dinner *

100.00 + tax Covers Dinner & Seminar! : Limited Space May 24-25th 2013


Sign up here for Seminar + Dinner at the Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Hall of Fame, this price does not cover award or Private events.

Be a Vendor ! Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo * Vendor Space*

350.00 + tax Covers 1 table 6 x 8 at the Martial arts Expo for two days


We belive in our vendors they are part of our family here at the Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo we invite you to be active with your sales with additional public seminars that helps the action flow.

Chinese Kung & Karate Expo Dinner Only: Martial Arts Masters Awards Dinner Only 65.00 USD- Dinner only with No Seminar



Join in for the First Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo Hall of Fame.
This is the First Historic Martial Arts Awards & Seminar event ,be part of it. Our event is Limited in size this time first comes first serve.
The Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo is now looking for new additions to our event, Vendors, students, Masters & Grand Masters for seminars.
Price Awards from black belt to grand master.

Master and Grand Master nominated awards are $150.00 which include the seminars and dinner.

If you are attending the seminars and dinner the cost is $100.00 Dinner only $65.00, Seminars only $35.00.
BB- Grand Master Ticket for Awards and Dinner is online right now

The Last Event we did was July 7th 2012 at Caesars Casino we Pushed with New Ideas , lots of Seminars we had more then 46 Kung Fu & Karate Masters Doing Seminars & Demos, Casting and more , but Further more we created stronger friendships. join in for one of the Largest Martial Arts Events of the year. Combo with Global Proving Grounds and the World Championships for Nafma.

Be Part of the one of The Largest Martial Arts events of the year
Contact Sifu Cliff 609-665-3889
Tickets are on www.ackungfu.net Under Expo 2013 * Limited space *

Please note all Prices for the Chinese Kung Fu & Karate expo do not covers any other Events other then those featured with us, Nafma , Vendors, Global proving grounds, or any other Private Function inside or out side the Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo.

Please Remember that by entering our location , by coming into the Venue,school, seminar etc, even by standing by you can and or may be injured.By viewing this Web Site message www.ackungfu.net you understand the risk. We offer authentic martial art experience at our Venue Location and you are entering at your own risk and wave your rights to sue or take any form of legal action on any one at this place of seminar.

"Its all About Friendship"



Special Message from Sifu Cliff

On January Sifu Cliff has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame!

" I would like to Thank both of Kung Fu Teachers Sifu Jose Colon and Sifu Chung K Chow for giving me your part of your soul."

"I am no one special , almost anyone can learn Kung Fu to my level but the differnce in me and you is I never give up and I will continue to get better even in the darkest times im always progressing forward."

"One day the Sun will come out of the clouds and shine on you and you will know that all your hard work has made this happen."

Sifu Cliff Kupper Kung Fu Master.


Chinese Kung Fu Expo Resorts Casino 2011 - Sifu Cliff Knife Disarm Demo
Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo July 7th 2012 was a Massive Hit! Sifu Cliff on CNN Above Picture.


Sifu Cliff Last week on Fever ( May 10th 2012 )

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/feverkeepsitreal/2012/05/10/this-week-in-professional-wrestling 24:30 min

Sifu Cliff This Week on Fever ( May 17th 2012 )
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/feverkeepsitreal/2012/05/17/this-week-in-professional-wrestling 89:00 min



Kung Fu the ‘sensible’ sport for blind teen

February 4, 2011 11:10 AM




Now on September 16th 2010

Featuring Sifu Cliff Kupper
Download right here


Sifu Cliff on MMA Sports Show Nov 2010 at Dadz Grill





Outdoor Demo's featuring Sifu Cliff & Atlantic City Wing Chun -

Local Church EHC NJ



WE WELCOME EVERYONE, REGARDLESS OF EXPERIENCE! Whether you are a beginner or black belt in some other style, you will feel welcome in our friendly training environment. We take pride in being able to accommodate people from all backgrounds. No previous experience required! You do not need any previous martial arts experience to take our classes.

In our School we teach all aspects of Wing Chun Kung Fu to train you into becoming a martial artist. We teach you how to use your body and mind in all fighting situations along with the skills and knowledge to stay safe when danger is near.

We give hands on experience to our students, while maintaining a safe environment for all to learn in.

Wing Chun martial art will improve your health and mind, while training you in a practical and effective way of defending yourself. Wing Chun is a street ready martial art with roots in the ancient Shoalin temple with it's history being over 300 years old.


Did you know the actor Robert Downey Jr. practices Wing Chun?


The Most Famous Martial artist of all time, Bruce Lee ( Lee Jun Fan ) was a student of the Grand Master Yip Man Bruce Lee starting Kung Fu in Hong Kong summer 1954. Wing Chun was the foundation of Bruce Lee's Kung Fu.


Our School is of direct decent of Yip Man and is part of the IWC under Grand Master Chung K Chow. The Sifu Chung K Chow runs his School in New York City. www.sifuchowwingchun.com

The Atlantic City Wing Chun Kung Fu School is run by the Sifu Cliff who has over 30 years worth of experience in the martial art with nearly 20 years in Wi ng Chun Style. Sifu Cliff has worked for the department of homeland security as a federal officer he also runs the Wing Chun Kung Fu School for the Atlantic HuaXia Chinese Culture School.




Atlantic City Wing Chun Kung Fu classes are signing up right now.

Class times 5 days a week Mon- Fri 7pm-9pm

Morning Wed and Thur 11am-1pm

Atlantic City Wing Chun Kung Fu School now offering Parent & kids joint class.(Special Lower rate)

Class is Open for 5-95 years of age.

Atlantic City Wing Chun Kung Fu School


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Sifu Cliff & The Atlantic City Wing Chun Kung Fu School on: Facebook.com

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